Maru Maru

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You have to really be looking to find this little hidden gem in down town San Mateo located on Second Avenue near Atlas Skate Shop, but once you do you will want to return again and again.

They had a great vegetarian selection and my husband was very happy with the quality of their Unagi which is his personal favorite when prepared correctly. However what really blew us away was the atmosphere. There is a beautiful water fall and even private tatami rooms for the authentic Japanese dining experience.

They have a friendly staff and are reasonably priced. I rate Maru Maru on 2nd Avenue in San Mateo 10 on a scale of 1-10.

Maru Maru
213 2nd Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401

(650) 344-2100


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The Online Shopping Expierence

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On the 16th of September my husband made a purchase through  This was a straight forward purchase involving his credit card. There should have been minimal complications if any. Unfortunately that was not the case.

If you are an avid online shopper then I urge you stay away from his experience was as follows;

>September 16, 2009= Placed an order for a pair of head phones through

>September 18, 2009= Sent an email request to for a tracking number and shipping information

>September 19th, 2009= Sent a complaint through the contact us section of the site.

>September 20,2009= Received an email giving him an order conformation but no tracking number or shipping information.

>September 20-22, 2009= Several ignored emails later my husband found the site owners personal email address. He was quickly brushed off by the site owner and later that night was told that his order had been canceled.

This is naturally just a short rundown on what happened. Needless to say it took my husband no more than five minutes to find another pair of headphones which he has already been given shipping information for and I am sitting here writing this quick editorial before heading off to the day job to discourage all my readers to stay away from

You can receive a better deal and great customer service through These guys are great and will bend over backwards to make sure that you are a satisfied customer.

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Nothing is bad 100% of the time.

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I understand I have been a bit morose as of late. I suppose it has been due to the people I have come into contact with.  I work for a grocery store and tend to come into contact with many different people. I can get a little bummed when I have been working long hours and can not see my day off in site.

Today was a great day. I had the day off and got to go to the temple we attend in Pinole. A friend of ours has decided that he will become a member of our temple as well and we have and the pleasure of helping him with that. I got to spend quality time with great friends and really just feel like maybe humanity isn’t  doomed after all, that maybe there are still good people out there.

This is just what I needed.

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Shoot from the hip!!!

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Ok so this is my first word press blog.  So I say we dispense with the formalities and cut to the chase.

My name is Lane, I am not modest I love my writing I feel I have real talent. I also do not feel that I am being arrogant I just know how to honestly express my opinions. Some may say I am a bitch. To those that say that I am, all I have to say to you is if speaking your mind and not being afraid of the consequences makes you a bitch than thanks for the compliment. I feel the world has become overly PC and it has quieted some potentially great voices among us. I have no intention of being one of those voices.

Don’t worry I am not here to spoon feed you my political beliefs or religious dogma. I feel that everyone is entitled to believe what they wish to believe in even if that is a sock I don’t care my beliefs are mine and I will never burden my readers with them. I will also never sugar coat anything I put on here. These are my real opinions if you don’t like them well you have been warned.

Though I do hope that  you enjoy my short stories and brief fictions I will never apologize if something written on these pages offends you. The fact is if you do not like something you read it is not your right to have the story kicked off the Internet. It is also not your right to attack the author when it comes to there work. It is however your right to stop reading what ever it is that offends you and read something less offensive…Dr. Seuss perhaps. So if I have not offended you yet you are welcome to keep reading if I have then hit the back button on your browser and read something else.

Thank You for your time,

Lane Williams

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The Court of Public Opinion. (What Gives You the Right)

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Recently a co-worker of mine was arrested for doing something stupid. He made a mistake we all do at least once in our lives. What really bugged me about it is that this is someone we all got along with. Never said bad things about people, a generally quiet and unassuming guy.

That being said, the way the paper made him out to be was the total opposite of that.  So the paper writes something and all you sheep out there flock behind what you feel is righteous. Co-workers that once called him a friend have begun to talk behind his back. I become the bad guy when I remind people that they don’t the full story and that he is still a good guy that just simply made a mistake. No one wants to listen everyone just wants there fix of work place gossip making the target a quiet guy that isn’t there to defend himself.

I guess I never really have been a fan of the court of public opinion, I guess people are no longer innocent until proved guilty. People nowadays have far to much of an opinion of something that is none of their business. something has happened to us as a society, something horrible. We have lost the ability to feel enough compassion for another human being to let their business be theirs and to stay out of it. We feel this misguided feeling of entitlement to others peoples lives to point that when traveling I do not associate with other Americans for fear of being cast into the same light. We need to be aware of what other people think about us as a nation than maybe the rest of the world wont hate us nearly as much. It is embarrassing to travel and be called an American. I tell people I am Canadian sometimes just so I am treated better than I would have been had I identified myself as an American.

I have heard many say that is because other countries are jealous of us. I hate to break it to you there not. Other countries see us as culture-less, rude, lazy, noisy, fat, and worst yet uneducated. You may be asking yourself what this has to do with the court pf public opinion, well I will tell you now. The court of public opinion is merely one more thing about us as a people that is deplorable, despicable and downright unacceptable. Where do we get off feeling that we have the right to make someones struggles and poor decisions in life your next topic of sprineresque conversation over your super-sized fast food breakfast.

How dare you as a people feel that you have these rights. Hate to break it to you people are still entitled to some level of privacy and it is there inalienable right to not have it taken away by the Jerry Springer generation.

As always if something I have said bothers you then please go to your browser and click the back button I am not forcing you to read anything.

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